Bible Study: Slaying Giants – Week 4

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Reading Assignments

I have reading assignments for your each week. You can find them directly under the chapter title of each lesson in the study guide. This week’s reading assignment is: Acts Chapter 9

Study Guide

This is a great study to do as a couple, or with a small group of friends, and of course it’s also one you can do on your own in your quiet time with God.

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Ask Yourself, Do I Love Him?

This week’s Reading: Acts Chapter 9

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 4 of Slaying Giants

Elisabeth Elliott is well-known among Evangelical Christians, as one of the bravest souls of our generation. Several years after her husband risked his life, and was killed at the hands of Huaorani warriors, she returned to Ecuador with her young daughter to complete the mission her husband had started. Because of her courageous faith, she was instrumental in leading many of them to the Lord. I think one of the best quotes that sums up her courage is this:

“When obedience to God contradicts what I think will give me pleasure, let me ask myself if I love Him.”

I think that’s a question we all need to ask when it comes to facing our fears. Is our love for God greater than the fear that’s holding us back?

The Bible says,

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7, KJV)

Courageous faith is a combination of love and trust. It means we both love God, and we trust God. It’s a faith that enables us to step out of our comfort zone when the Spirit moves us to do so.

You see, God doesn’t need us to accomplish His will, He’s fully capable of doing that on His own. What He wants is the opportunity to work through His people. He desires fellowship with us; therefore, He calls us to be His hands and His feet. Not by our strength alone, but by His mighty Spirit that works through us.

It’s not our ability He desires, it’s our obedience, and so we’re often led to places we’d never dream of stepping into. Our Bible study this week leads us to a man named Ananias. We don’t know much about Ananias other than a brief mention of him in the book of Acts, but in that one chapter we see the power of courageous faith and how necessary it was in fulfilling his mission.

God asked Ananias to put aside his fear, and submit to His authority when He asked him to go visit Saul. No one wants to step onto a mission field that could cost them their life, but as we see in Acts Chapter 9, Ananias was ready to give himself over to God regardless of what that might cost.

This Week’s Challenge:

Take a step of courageous faith this week by committing to obey God’s calling in your life, whether it be through serving at your church, volunteering in your community, or having a difficult conversation with a loved one. Pray for the strength and guidance of the Holy Spirit to empower you to follow through on your commitment.

Take Note:

As you go through the questions at the end of each chapter, you’ll find that some of them relate to you personally. There’s no right or wrong answer with these questions as they are designed for soul searching. 

I will be back on Friday to give you my thoughts on this chapter and some of the questions from the study guide. Again, if you are looking for the printable chapter, you can find it at the bottom of the email you receive from Time-Warp Wife. If you have any trouble subscribing, feel free to email me at darlene @darleneschacht.net (no spaces in that email address)

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