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Born to Heaven


I watched your interview with Amy. It was excellent!

Did I hear you say that you had five miscarriages? I have had two and today I got news that it looks like I am having my third. I will not know for a few days as I did blood work again today. I had an ultrasound today and they don’t see a heartbeat. I think I am earlier than they think, but who knows.

How did you survive five and still want to get pregnant again? I don’t know that I can survive three. I know God is in control and He knows best, but it really does hurt.



Oh, Sara, I am so sorry for you. I’m heartbroken, and my spirit longs for your joy to return.

Yeah, I lost five. One was at five months along and I had to carry the deceased baby around for about a week because it wouldn’t miscarry itself. That threw me into a deep depression. Not that I was sad over the miscarriage necessarily, but because it was so hard on my body.

And there is always day three. Day three after a miscarriage you have post-partum depression—at least I did every time. My husband became the enemy and I was grumpy.

Miscarriages are a strange thing. When I finally lost one on Christmas day, a hospital worker said to me. “God loves this child so much that he wants it in heaven with him. He is at the birthday party of our Lord.” That’s when I started to think of those children as real kids. I have nine–five born to heaven.

It’s a tough walk, and a heart-wrenching experience to go through, but in many cases we do find they come along with a blessing in disguise. My niece had so much trouble with miscarriage and infertility that she was forced to adopt.

When their first son, Tyler was born on her birthday we knew it was nothing less than a God thing. If it wasn’t for the trouble she had endured, adoption wouldn’t have been a consideration for her and perhaps Tyler and his brother Jessie wouldn’t be where they are today.

I’m not suggesting that adoption is your option at this point, because I really don’t know God’s path for you. Miscarriages are common, and having three doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t go on to having a dozen healthy kids. Following my five miscarriages I had three more children born to this world.

It’s hard to see past the pain in search of God’s plan, but remember that He holds that baby in the palm of His hand whether he’s born to earth or born to this world. That is your child. You are a mom, and I’m proud of you because of the motherly love that you have. Don’t ever let anyone make those unborn children feel less important to you. They are your babies, and your gift from God.

You can also read my article “Sacred Sorrow,” which is an account of my own experience, and offers a few more thoughts on the topic.

My prayers are with you. Don’t give up hope, and don’t give up trying. After one born to earth, and five born to heaven, I had three more. That’s nine children in total. I’m blessed, as are you!

I’m praying for you and the health of this baby.

Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him.
~ Psalm 126:5&6, NIV

You are loved by an almighty God,


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