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Reading Assignments – Week 2

MONDAY – Read 1 Samuel 17:1-51 – “David & Goliath”
WEDNESDAY – Read Joshua 6:1-20 “The Battle of Jericho”
FRIDAY – Read Judges 7:1-25 “Gideon and the Small Army”

On each day of these days ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What have I learned from this scripture?
  2. How was faith exercised?
  3. How can I apply this to my life?

On the alternate days, dig deeper by reading the surrounding chapters. You might also like to use the resource links provided below to study further. Once you dig deeper, ask yourself the following question:

What have I learned about God’s provision?


These are my favourite online Bible study tools!

Bible Gateway – Every version you can imagine is online
Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible
Looking for an easier commentary? Here’s the Concise Version
Other commentaries you might preferInterlinear Bible – I love this one!
Blue Letter Bible – Dig into the Hebrew and Greek
Bible Word Search

Week 2 – Faith Leads to Victory Intro.

How many times have you started out strong
and given up when the going got tough? How many times have you backed down from
a challenge because you didn’t have faith that God would carry you through? How
many times have you given up on God because He didn’t answer your prayers as
quickly as you expected Him to? How many times have you given up on praying for
someone’s salvation, because you didn’t see change? How many times have you
been afraid of the future because you didn’t know what the next day would bring?

You see, God does answer prayer. But the question is, does He answer in His time or ours? Does He do things our
or His? Will we trust Him when
our plans fall apart? Will we step out in faith when the next step is unknown?

Think about this for a minute: it wasn’t
raining when Noah started building the ark, and there certainly wasn’t a flood
that day. Some say it took Noah 120 years to build the ark, others argue that
it was closer to 100 based on his age. Regardless of which argument is right,
we can all agree that it took a lifetime of patience, and a boatload of faith.
Year after year he continued his work believing that God would be true to His Word.
Many, if not most of us, would have given up after a while when we saw that God
was taking His time. Just like anything else, we want things done our way, in
our time.

God doesn’t always make sense. His ways are
foolish to the unfaithful, but to the faithful His wisdom runs deep. His grace
bewilders the ungrateful. His love confuses the unloving. His power confounds
the self-righteous. His humility baffles the proud.

God uses the small, the flawed, and the few
to further the gospel, so that through our weakness His grace abounds all the
more. A young shepherd boy slays a giant, not because he is mighty, but because
the God working and moving within David is bigger than any force on this earth.
He pares down an army before sending them on to the battle, so that He might
display His strength and His power. He leads an army to victory, through
obedience to His Word, so that all might see the supremacy of their God.

Forty years from now, when you look back on
your life, will you be able to say, “I let go, and let God?” Or could it be
that you’ll wish you had trusted Him more? Each and every day we’re given an
opportunity to let go of the reigns, and hand our lives over to God. Maybe you
gave your life to God when you were 12 years old at summer camp, and maybe you
meant every word that you said. But here’s the thing; every day is another
opportunity to solidify that vow. Every uncertainty, every fear, and every
heartache, comes with a choice–will I trust in His wisdom or lean on my own?

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Faith & Provision: Printable Version – Week 2

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That’s all for today. I’ll see you on Friday for part two of week two.

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Practice leaning on God’s wisdom this week by patiently waiting. Follow His plan by first putting trust in His timing .


But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. – Isaiah 40:1, NIV

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    when i click on the download for week two it keeps bringing up week 1. Am i doing somehting wrong? I have hit it three times and i’ve checked to nake sure i am on the right week but it keeps bring up week 1. Pleas help.

  • Shelley

    This morning two things jump off the page – Jericho was ‘tightly shut up’ and (along with the marching) God used their voices to bring defeat. First I’m so thankful that although I was once tightly bound up in my sin Jesus broke through and defeated the enemy in my life (so thankful) and two the Spirit is nudging me this morning to keep raising my voice before the Lord … it’s how he chooses to defeat the enemy in my life and how He chooses to work through me. Lord, please help my prayer life may you use my voice for your glory and purposes xxx

  • Shelley

    It always amazes me how the Lord chooses to work with an ‘opposite world’ mentality. What the world thinks is sensible He then does the opposite to show them his power! It struck me this morning that 22,000 would turn back from the get-go. Would I have been one of them? Could any of the 22,000 have been chosen to be one of the 300? Did any of the 22,000 miss out on an incredible work of God in their lives? What holds me back from trusting Him completely … self preservation and lack of faith that God is truly able. And yet I want to see Him work powerfully in and through me! (Who shall rescue me from this body of death … thanks be to God!) And yet I couldn’t help but think of the absolute elation that the 300 would have had at seeing the Lord move for them and conquer their enemy! Lord, please do your opposite world work in my life and let me walk in obedience – in Jesus Name!