FREE Printable Valentine Cards With Bible Verses

I remember the old days when my sister and I would sit down on the floor together, open our big book of Valentine cards, and start choosing who would get what.

I always picked out the prettiest ones for my best friends, and the ones with the rockets, the dogs, and the cars went to the boys in the class.

Whatever happened to those adorable cards? Am I the only one who misses them?

By the time I had children of my own, all I could seem to find were Disney-themed cards, which weren’t my favorite. They all looked the same, and every other kid had them.

I wanted to bring back the unique look of the cards, and add some Bible verse to them, so my daughter Madison and I created a set of printable Valentine Cards that you can download and print off. Since they were so much fun to create, we’ve been adding to them each year.

If you know some little ones who might like these, PLEASE SHARE THE LINK WITH THEM. 🙂

Click the button below to visit Madison’s website “Busy Books and More,” where you can view and print the Valentines for FREE. I hope you enjoy them!

Oh, and if you take a look around the site, you’ll also find some printable activity pages.



And if you are looking for a little Valentines or Easter gift for your kids, check out BUSY BOOKS: SERMON NOTES FOR KIDS. Parents, Sunday School teachers, and pastors have been raving about these books since they first came out:

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Church just got a lot more Exciting!
 Have you been looking for ways to capture your child’s attention and turn their minds toward Christ? Are you ready to get them excited about going to church?  BUSY BOOKS: SERMON NOTES FOR KIDS provides children with a fun and exciting way to learn, take notes, and ask questions. A weekly point system makes learning fun, while encouraging children to come prepared and be prepared to listen. In this book kids will find:

  • A section for sermon notes
  • A Sunday morning checklist
  • A keyword checklist
  • A place to write their favourite song
  • A section for questions they might have
  • An area for prayer requests
  • A spot for extra notes or doodles

The book is complete with three pages per week for 52 weeks. All you have to do is pack a pen and a gold star!


  • Rosario Kowalski

    You are one of my favourite godly woman ever! I am seriously blessed by your Holy Spirit inspired gifts and talents, but more impressed by your unabashed love for Jesus. Thank you for shining your precious light into my personal little world. (Rosario from Springfield).

  • Ann

    Thank you! Love these. Last year, printed them off to mail to shut-ins and to use during library check out at Sunday School plan to use them the same way this year as well as for grandchildren and other family members. Thank you.

  • Rachael

    Hi Darlene,

    Thanks so much for the valentine day cards! I plan to use them for my class this coming Sunday. I’m always looking for something to use that’s Christian-based. These are awesome!

    Be Blessed!!

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