Giveaway Alert! And an Update

Hey, I just wanted to pop in to say that I miss you all, and although it’s been a long while, I have been working on a Bible study. As soon as I wrap things up, we’ll be studying 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John. I LOVE this ever-so-loving, yet powerful book!

I’m a lot slower than usual because my daughter is on maternity leave, and because of the new baby I’ve been heading out of town often to visit them. When I’m not with them, I’ve been either working on the Bible study or packing “Inspirational Planners” to send out to customers, WHICH BRINGS ME TO OUR NEXT TOPIC…

I’m hosting a giveaway over on my facebook page @TimeWarpWife, where I’m giving away four copies of The 2020 Inspirational Planner: Organize Your Life in One Book. Head over there and enter for your chance to win a copy. Note: The giveaway ends this Tuesday night (October 8), so make sure you click over there today, share that post, and leave a comment over there so I know you’ve entered.

Enter the giveaway here: Facebook/Timewarpwife
Visit this page for more info or to order your copy: The 2020 Inspirational Planner

Click here to order your copy of The Inspirational Planner.

And finally, here’s a video flip-through of the planner. If you have any trouble viewing the video below, click here to watch it on YouTube:

Click here to order your copy of The Inspirational Planner.

What customers are saying…

I got my planners in the mail today and they are BEAUTIFUL!!!  I was so excited when I opened the box I think I screamed a little. The planners are truly beautiful and full of EXACTLY what I, and I believe the majority of women, need and want in an everyday planner. Thank you for creating such a useful, beautiful, helpful item that I can look forward to using every day. I can’t wait for 2019 to get here so I can start filling in my planner! – MySha Harmon

I got one last year, and I LOVED it! I am so excited to get one for 2020 again. Best planner I have ever had hands down (and I have gone through my fair share of them trying to find “just the right one”). I hope this becomes a staple you offer for years to come. – Anna (Instagram)

I have mine already and its absolutely fantastic!!! So beautiful!!! I got last years one also and just used it everyday!! Its a must have!!! – Danielle Robbins Maxwell


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