• Peggy

    A Blessed SONday morning Darlene and sisters in Christ … AMEN as we plant seeds of faith and hope for God’s redemptive power in us and our marriages! May our spouses see the growth and water our love faithfully as God does and watch us flourish and mature with more fruit of the Spirit each day! May God give us strength, wisdom and an abundance of patience as He has shown each of us through His aMazing love and grace! Pour, plant, pray and believe in growth that is forthcoming! Thanks Darlene ~ Peggy

  • Kelly Youngblood

    I love this! Confirmation comes to me in the form of hearing/seeing the same thing a few times. This prayer… on the same Sunday our pastor preaches from 2 Peter 1:1-8. Thank you for being used of God, Darlene… and for sharing of yourself! This prayer challenge has been most wonderful, timely, much needed.

  • Sally

    Hello Darlene!! Thankful for you!!!!
    I was led here to be blessed!! Continue your work, you are so encouraging!! After 20+ years I was going to throw in the towel,…..you have convinced me to hang on!!
    in Christ I can do ALL things !God Bless!!