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P31 Bible Study Week 5 Part 1

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Hey ladies! Are you ready for Chapter 4 of our Bible study on ‘The 7 Virtues of a Proverbs 31 Woman?’ This week, our focus is on resilience. Resilience is the ability to adapt to difficult or stressful situations, emerging stronger on the other side. A virtuous woman might not have the ability to solve her problems, but she has faith in the One Who does. She knows that every broken piece of her life is safe in the hands of her Savior and Lord. She knows that God specializes in miracles. He replaces the stench of death with life and gives hope where all hope is lost. Because of this unshakeable faith, she can laugh without fear of the future.

A Sweet Word from Karissa

Karissa said something in her video this week that really got me thinking. She said, “When I go through hard times, I can either get bitter or better, and that choice is mine.” Those words encapsulate the heart of resilience. The idea that we have a choice in how we respond to the trials we face is profound and empowering.

She added another dimension to this thought, noting that choosing is not a solo endeavor. In choosing, we must lean heavily on God. It’s not as simple as declaring, “I choose this,” and then expecting everything to change. We need God’s strength, His guidance, His enduring love to help us through the storms.

This week we’re looking at Mary, the mother of Jesus. She was just a young woman when the angel Gabriel appeared to her with news that would turn her world upside down: she was to bear the Son of God.

Imagine the turmoil she must have faced: the societal implications, the personal fears, the sheer magnitude of being chosen for such a divine task. And yet, Mary responded with courage and faith, saying to Gabriel, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” (Luke 1:38)

Mary could have grown bitter from the judgments of society, the hardships of her journey, the challenges of raising a child destined to be the Savior. But instead, she chose to grow better, to lean on God, and to trust in His plan for her life. She leaned on God’s strength throughout her journey, from giving birth in a stable to witnessing her son’s crucifixion and resurrection.

The story of Mary is a powerful example of resilience. A reminder to lean on God through every step of the journey. She embraced her trials with grace, her spirit uplifted and strengthened by her unwavering faith in God.

She reminds us that resilience is dependent on the choices we make. We can either lean into God, using our trials as opportunities to grow through adversity, or we can choose to let adversity embitter us. There’s something beautifully resilient, deeply faithful, and remarkably hopeful in the choice to be better, not bitter

You are loved by an Almighty God,

Darlene Schacht
The Time-Warp Wife

This Week’s Challenge

This week, let’s put this powerful principle into action. Every day, try to identify one situation or event where you have a choice in how you respond. It could be a stressful situation at work, a challenging interaction with a family member, a personal setback, or even a global event that affects you.

Take a moment to pause and reflect before responding. Recognize the choice you have in that moment: will you let it make you bitter or better? If you feel yourself starting to react in a negative way, try to shift your perspective and choose the path of growth instead.

This Week’s Bible Verse

Week at a Glance

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Read through Chapter 4 of “The 7 Virtues of a Proverbs 31 Woman” in your study guide. This week we’re reading about resilience.
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Look over the chapter again, answering the questions. (Answers will be posted on Friday, for those who don’t have a copy of the study guide.)


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