Slaying Giants: Week 6 – Part 2

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Concluding Thoughts on Chapter 6

As we close this chapter on “Refiner’s Fire,” I want to remind you that courage isn’t the absence of fear. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego must have been afraid to step into the furnace, but faith gave them the courage to act in spite of their fears.

Finally, let’s not overlook the result of their courage. The Bible tells us that King Nebuchadnezzar was astounded by the bravery and unwavering faith of these men. He saw that their God was indeed the most powerful of all gods and he declared this to all of his subjects. His declaration is a reminder that courageous faith has the power to change lives and inspire others to follow the Lord.

If you’re a believer, you will face the furnace at some point in your life. Whether it’s the furnace of persecution, oppression, sickness, or sorrow we will find ourselves in the furnace. What we do there, in the heat of the fiery furnace, will determine the genuineness of our faith. The king saw Daniel’s friends walking with God in the fire. What will your friends see? Will they see the Lord walking beside you?

As Christians, we are called to be witnesses for Christ, and courageous faith is a critical part of that calling. Our reliance on God and our willingness to trust Him in difficult situations attests to the power of God.

When we stand firm in our faith, trusting that God will see us through the trials we face, we’re demonstrating His power and love to the world.


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Questions and Answers from Chapter 6

What can Daniel 3:17-18 teach us about our attitude during times of testing?

That God is able to deliver us from the fiery trial at any time, but if He doesn’t, we should still be willing to stand strong in our faith.

According to 1 Peter 1:7, what do trials prove?

The genuineness of our faith.

What two things did Nebuchadnezzar see when he peered into the furnace?              

He saw a fourth man in the fire “like the Son of God,” and he saw that the men were unbound and unharmed.

Why was the fourth man in the fire significant? What comfort can we personally glean from that?

It’s a reminder that God is walking with us through the fire of testing. It’s comforting to know that we’re not alone.

Why couldn’t the administrators and satraps find anything to charge Daniel with?

Because he was trustworthy. He wasn’t corrupt or negligent.

How does perseverance prove character?

It produces the validity of our character by revealing who we are on the inside.

The Bible tells us that the three men in the fire were unbound. What can we learn from this?

That although affliction is tough, it can also be freeing, as we are loosed from the things that once bound us. When we stand firm in faith we overcome the enemy, we rise above tribulation, and we conquer our fear.

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  • Deborah

    I love the story of Daniel. Such a strong story of faith and courage. I really am enjoying the crossword puzzles as a way of interacting more with the texts and lessons and your questions are thought-provoking and engaging. I miss the “Digging Deeper” feature that you have in some of your other lessons. I especially like to look up the meanings of words. It really makes you think about what’s being said. The coloring pages are always an added bonus. I love the beautiful artwork you have been including, but I miss coloring and meditating. Maybe you could include a little of both in your next lesson? I checked out your Quieting the Heart Prayer Journals and have bought several of them. (love edition, gratitude edition, and virtuous edition). I use them with this study depending on my mood for the day. I took your advice from another post and put them right in with my Bible study pages. They give me a window into where I was on that particular day during my Bible study. – Thank you so much for your sharing your wonderful gifts with us. Please continue to do so and may God bless you and your ministry.

    P.S. If you are ever going to re-release the Bible study on Jesus and the Feasts I’d love to purchase it or do it here on your blog! Amazon doesn’t have it for sale anymore. :0(

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