Wednesday 4th August 2021

When a Woman Wants to be Close to Her Man

Guest contributor, Lisa Jacobson from A good friend recently confessed something to me.She struggled with jealousy. Of me.Really...jealous of me?? How could that be? We've been friends for many years and she knows I've had my share o

Titus 2sday – The Ultimate Link-Up Party!

I posted this video a couple of years ago, but since I like it so much and many of you have probably not seen it, I thought I'd post it again. The girl in the video is a dear friend of mine, Sunny from My Second Love.Subscribers: click through to t

The Dig, Good Morning, and Some Online TV!

A few months ago I introduced you to The Dig for Kids, Volume One, and today I'm thrilled to announce that volume two is available! Woohoo!!If you haven't read it yet, I'd love to encourage you to check it out. The author walks children through the b

50 Ways to Love Him

Guest Contributor, Lisa Jacobson, Club 31 Women The beautiful love in Song of Solomon. Nearly makes me blush. A story of rich, full, tender, and touching love. Very touching. It’s a Biblical kind of marriage and what I want for us. I wan

Titus 2sday – The Ultimate Link-Up Party

Have you seen the video of The Laughing Bride yet? They are such a cute couple--I just have to share.Even more interesting to me was their follow-up interview. I really loved what this couple had to say. They talk about purity and preparing yourself

Training Young Stewards

“Historically, stewardship was the responsibility given to household servants to bring food and drinks to a castle dining hall. The term was then expanded to indicate a household employee's responsibility for managing household or domestic affairs.