Tuesday 20th April 2021

What TV Couple Are You?

Several months ago, I took an informal poll on Facebook. I asked my friends and family, "Who's your favorite television couple and why?" I got lots of answers. The fictional couple who racked up the most votes? Cliff and Claire Huxtable from

Brave Your Marriage

"You make me brave You make me brave No fear can hinder now The love that made the way" As the sanctuary filled with a congregation of voices singing these words from Bethel's song "You Make Me Brave," I felt his fingers reach for mine. It

Living Well, Forgetfully

My husband Ted's flaws? Well, I've been asked about them more than once ... including on live radio. I suppose that's what comes from devoting an entire chapter in my book Team Us to the "killing" of old habits in marriage. And do you know wh

How to Have a Lighthearted Marriage

I've heard tell that desperate times call for desperate measures. My husband Ted and I hit one such first-world measure en route to our honeymoon destination, Paris. On the car ride from our condo to the airport, it struck us that we'd forgotten