Bible Study: Slaying Giants – Week 8

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Bible Study: Slaying Giants – Week 8


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Reading Assignments

I have reading assignments for your each week. You can find them directly under the chapter title of each lesson in the study guide. This week’s reading assignment is: Genesis 27, 32, & 33

Study Guide

This is a great study to do as a couple, or with a small group of friends, and of course it’s also one you can do on your own in your quiet time with God.

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The Power of Persistent Prayer

This week’s Reading: Genesis 27, 32, & 33

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 8 of Slaying Giants

Some days it seems like our problems are long past the point of repair. Other days it feels like the journey ahead is out of our hands. And it is, which is why we all need to persistently pray and trust in Him Who is paving the way. The One Who knows what tomorrow will bring. The One Who wrote it all down before we were born.

Bring it to God today, bring it to Him tomorrow, bring it to Him the next day and the day beyond that. Don’t give up on God. Take your burden to Him and lay it down at His feet.

Remember Bartimaeus the blind man who sat by the side of the road. The Bible tells us that many rebuked him, telling him to be quiet, but instead of heading their voice, he shouted even more, “Son of David, have mercy on me!” The result of his courageous persistence led to the restoration of his sight (Mark 10:46-52).

Another example of faithful persistence is found in Mark Chapter 2. Jesus was preaching in Capernaum when a large crowd gathered to hear Him. The crowd was so large that no one else could enter the house He was in. And so, four men carried their paralyzed friend through the crowd, dug a hole in the roof, and lowered Him down to Jesus so that he might be healed.

The anointed move forward regardless of what it might cost. We’ve seen this in every chapter of this study. In fact, we see it in the life of every faithful believer who takes up their cross.

The best things rarely come easy. They take up our time, they call us to sacrifice, and they are inconvenient at times. But as we see in the scriptures, lives were changed because they chose God.

How many times do we give up when we should have pressed on? How many opportunities have we missed out on because we didn’t have the courage to take the next step? The key to persistence is faith. Faith in the power of God to fix what we can’t.

This Week’s Challenge:

This week I challenge you look at the 5 steps that Jacob took to overcome fear. (You’ll find them listed at the end of chapter 8 in the study guide.) Ask yourself what you can learn from his example as well as any practical ways you might apply it to your life.

Take Note:

As you go through the questions at the end of each chapter, you’ll find that some of them relate to you personally. There’s no right or wrong answer with these questions as they are designed for soul searching. 

I will be back on Friday to give you my thoughts on this chapter and some of the questions from the study guide. Again, if you are looking for the printable chapter, you can find it at the bottom of the email you receive from Time-Warp Wife. If you have any trouble subscribing, feel free to email me at darlene @darleneschacht.net (no spaces in that email address)

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Slaying Giants: Finding Your Courage and Conquering Fear available now at Amazon.com

When you purchase a copy of this Bible study you’re helping to support this ministry as we share the gospel with over 500,000 women around the world.

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This series is designed to guide you through a 10-week Bible study on Courage.

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