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Day 1 – “I’m Thankful For You.” Marriage Challenge

Day 1 I'm thankful for you

Today is day one in the “I’m Thankful for You” marriage challenge. If you don’t have a copy of the challenge chart, you can get one here.

So the question is… what to make for dinner. Today I challenge you to make your husband’s absolute favorite meal! I’m making chilli for dinner. Oddly enough that’s his favorite meal. I thought he’d choose steak and potatoes or something. But he’s craving some chilli.

And since I’m making chilli, I thought I’d share our family recipe with you. Enjoy!


Chilli Con Carne

1 lb hamburger
½ C celery
2 medium onions
2 Cans kidney beans
½ C ketchup
14 oz tomatoes chopped fresh or canned
½ tsp salt
2 tsp chili powder
¼ tsp cayenne pepper (for hotter chili)
1 sliced green pepper (optional)

Fry hamburger with onions and celery. Put all ingredients in pot and bring to boil. Simmer on low heat at least ½ hour, stirring occasionally.

Chime in. What is your husband’s favorite meal? Are you making it for dinner tonight? Click here to join the discussion.

You are loved by an almighty God,

Darlene Schacht
The Time-Warp Wife

P.S. Tomorrow’s challenge is to give him a little gift wrapped gift. Start thinking about that one today. 


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  • Teresa Watson

    My husband’s favorite meal is ham steak and hash browns. That is my mission for today! I’m so excited! Thank you for the challenge!

  • Joycelyn

    My husband’s favorite meal is (sad to say), Chinese take-out. But I did that for his birthday 2 weeks ago. So I won’t be doing that tonight. And he’s on a very strict diet (no meat, no fried food), to lose weight and preparing himself for Thanksgiving. Any suggestions?

  • Quanasa

    My DH’s favorite meal is Pasta (of any kind) and Liver&Onions. I would love to make something for him tonight but we have a basketball to work. Maybe ill do it this weekend

  • Cheryl Prall

    After almost 24 years, I am not sure what would be my husbands favorite meal. I think I will text him and see what he says. It might be a challenge to make it because we are sharing the car lately and he has it at work today.

  • Cheryl Prall

    Jocelyn, what is your husbands favorite food from the Chinese takeout? Many recipes can be found on the internet My husband just answered me that his favorite meal is stir-fry. Since I have the ingredients right now, I am making Sirloin and Cremini Teriyaki for supper. It is from family circle magazine October 2012.

  • Shawn Goddard

    I am making my husband pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy with black eyed peas. My husband and I have been married for 10 years. And something I just learned recently is how important it is for me to go that extra step when it comes to “taking care”of him. I never realized the impact it had on our marriage. Taking care of him and going that extra mile for him is an indication of my love for him. Realizing this has improved our marriage in so many ways. When I do things to make him feel loved and appreciated – he in return does the things that matter to me. Thank you for the challenge.

  • Tara

    My husband always loves breakfast for dinner. We did that last night though so tonight I am trying a new recipe for a chicken corn chowder which is his favorite soup and he’s asked a few times for me to try and make it so going to tonight!

  • Mary B.

    My husband is out of town at a conference, but when he gets home this week on Thursday I will make him something with Pasta, he loves Italian food. 🙂 This chili looks thick and hearty, and seems easy to make too! 🙂

  • katie

    My husband said Ham, chicken dressing, Collards, rutabegers, and sweet tea. I Don’t have Ham or Collards but I will make the rest and add something good with it (: Thanks for the idea!

  • Rena Wright

    Unfortunately I am not fixing my husbands favorite meal today, but I will soon. Today is Veteran’s Day and he is a veteran so we are taking advantage of the free meals today. Denny’s for breakfast and he is going to Country Cooking on his way to work. I think I will do two things for him tomorrow, a favorite meal and a small gift.

    • Darlene Schacht

      Oh wow. That’s really nice that he is given free meals. We have Remembrance day in Canada, and I don’t know of any place that gives free meals to Veterans. That’s a nice way to honor them.

  • Rose

    I asked my husband last night what his favorite meal is, preparing for tonight, and he says, any meal he doesn’t have to cook!!! I’m a stay at home mom. We have three lil boys, our oldest is three an a half n our youngest is 3 wks old, so he’s been doing some cooking for me. So I’m still not sure what I’ll be making!!!

  • Georgia

    It’s ironic that I strolled across this challenge today, as my husband did something yesterday, which in my eyes was very unkind. But in this particular experience God is reminding me of HIS grace covering me and I choose to cover my husband with that same grace. I will take this challenge on and put my best into it even though I honestly don’t feel he deserves it. Learnt a long time ago that these are the times when I need to serve him the most, when I do not feel like it. It teaches me that being a servant as Christ was does not depend primarily how the circumstances and how I feel. But the underling love which is our foundation ( a small fraction of God’s love for us).

  • Robin

    I’m jumping ahead, I know. But I saw tomorrow’s challenge is a wrapped gift. I already did that! So out of character. I am 60 and I buy my underwear in multiples. You know they come in a plastic bag at Wal-Mart. A department store sent me a coupon for $10 off – just to get me in the store. I only shop at Thrift Stores, but my husband has been wanting me to own a pair of “fancy white panties”. So I took my coupon and after the Veteran’s Day Program at my g-son’s school, I went looking. I cannot believe this, but I found what I think my husband would have chosen for me. And they were – can you believe this!!!!! They were $10. I heard the cashier talking to the lady ahead of me about all the great bargains and how you can’t leave the store without way more than you intended on buying. I laughed to myself. She doesn’t know me. I only LOOK at what I went in the store for. And if I don’t desperately need something, I am not even in a store. God and my husband are our sole support. We don’t spend what we don’t have and we don’t buy what we don’t need. The cashier was shocked when she rang me up. She said she has never had someone owe NOTHING. Seriously, I was praising God the whole way through the parking lot. My husband sooooooooo needs a little “gift”. When he called at lunch I hinted that I had gotten him something. The little stinker knew exactly what it was, too. He is going to have the best afternoon at work today. He has a stressful and physically hard job and his body is showing signs of wear and tear, but I guarantee he isn’t feeling much pain this afternoon. Thank you for what you do. Thank you for your words and example. Your prayers always seem to address what we are going through. May God continue to Bless you and your ministry!!!

    • Georgia

      Robin, your story is so encouraging. It’s just the lift needed to not allow the enemy to drag me deeper into resentment. I choose in this moment to forgive and be joyful.

      Thank you all

  • Stephanie Barron

    My husband’s favorite meal is fried pork chops and anything! He chose mashed potatoes and seasoned field peas to go with them. I think I will make a special dessert for him too.

  • BB

    As I read Robin’s comment about her white lace purchase my eyes swelled with tears! I am so thankful to you Darlene and hope you see the encouragement you bring your followers through your blog filled with your bold honesty and courageous acts of love that encourage our hearts. (Sometimes its hard to love vulnerably if there has been a hurt heart. I have found though, that is exactly what my hurt marriage has needed.) As for my husband, when it comes to food he is easy to please but homemade mexican (fresh and healthy) has become a favorite more recently so thats how I will be loving him tonight. Excited to wrap up a gift for tomorrows display of love!

    Wishing you love and blessing and a household full of thankful hearts!!!

  • Dawn

    Believe it or not but my husband’s favorite meal is peanut butter & jelly w/ a tall glass of milk. Unless we go out and then it is sushi.

  • Teresa R

    My husband has two favorite he asks me to make often- one is browned hamburger, Bush’s baked beans and diced onion. The other is diced bell pepper, Cheez Whiz, cooked rice and cooked sausage mixed together

    • Janet

      Teresa, growing up my mother always made hamburger with pork n beans and called it “chili” .. How neat to see someone else makes that because I had forgotten. 🙂

  • Mandy

    My husband said BBQ – and he goes outside and does the cooking on the grill! We had steak on the BBQ lady night and I made mushroom sauce and other yummy veggies to go with it. Today he left home at 6 am, drove 3 hours then after his meeting drove 3 hours home and got here after 6pm. I did not have his favourite dinner. What I did have was a screaming baby, a shirt coveted in baby vomit, a three year old half undressed in the bathroom with a pile of wet pants and puddles on the floor and a five year old getting grumpy because I couldn’t fix the tv at that minute and was having trouble putting his dinner of burnt sausage and over cooked pasta on a plate with one hand! *sigh*

  • Janet

    Easy one. I love to cook and bake, up for anything but his favorite? HAMBURGERS on the grill!
    Maybe make some cucumbers in vinegar.. Chocolate pie for dessert.

  • Kathy

    I didnt see this in time but oddly pulled it off…spaghetti. I was going to fix taco soup yesterday but at the last minute switched it up. He was so excited and pleased. Then saw this challenge today…thank you Lord…I know it was you!

  • Debbie

    My husband is out of town tonight, but tomorrow it will be slow cooker roast with mashed potatoes and roasted carrots. and maybe some apple raspberry crisp. Yum, can’t wait to bless my sweetie 🙂 I love this thanksgiving countdown idea. My husband for one could use the encouragement.

  • Brindi

    My husband loves, loves. LOVES pork chops. So I made these with a side of mac and cheese and a mixture of stir-fried veggies, including his new favorite veggie: Brussels Sprouts 🙂