Quieting Your Heart Free Resources – Week 2


This Week’s Resources:


Welcome to week two of Quieting Your Heart for the Holidays. Here are the resources for this week…

In the guide (find link below), you’ll find that I have selected scripture to read on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. On the alternate days it’s my hope that you’ll dig a bit deeper. For example, you could… look scripture up in your favorite commentary, read it in the interlinear Bible, look up words you want to gain a deeper understanding of, and watch sermons on the topic.

WEEK AT A GLANCE – FREE Printable Below Week at a glance is a synopsis of the study guide. It can be used as a book mark for your Bible, or you might want to put it up on your fridge as a reminder of each week’s focus. I printed mine out on card stock, and I’ll be keeping it in my Bible.

WEEKLY QUESTIONS – For those who want questions for reflection or group study, I’ll have new ones each week.


Each week I’ll give you seven cards. There are 30 in total. I cut mine out, hole punched them, and put them on a little binder ring so I can meditate on one scripture/day. They’re so cute. I love them! These cards are a keepsake you can use for years to come. I picked Bible verses that remind me of the REASON for the season.


You don’t need to pick up a copy of my prayer journal to do this study with us. That’s totally optional. You can use any journal you have. In fact you could use a simple piece of paper. What I encourage you to do is to use your journal to journalize daily prayers, and to give thanks for a few things each day.

You might also use the journal to diarize the holiday season, making it a keepsake you’ll want to hang on to.


I’ll be posting on the topics each week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Come here to glean encouragement and share in my thoughts.


Look for my daily journal entries on Instagram. Here’s my URL: @timewarpwife

I don’t even think you need an Instagram account if you’re just looking. If you do have an account, then you’ll know what I mean when I say, use the hashtag #quietingyourheart

Find us in our Facebook group: Bible Journaling. I’m sure that many of the readers including myself will be sharing their journal entries.

Follow me on Facebook. Click the like button in the header. And if you’re not getting my notifications on your homepage, click the “like” button and choose “get notifications.” Facebook changed their algorithm about a year ago and started hiding the pages we like. Argh!


There are my favourite online Bible study tools!

Bible Gateway – Every version you can imagine is online
Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible
Interlinear Bible – I love this one!
Blue Letter Bible – Dig into the Hebrew and Greek
Bible Word Search

Some of you have asked about the KJV Journaling Bible. Here’s a link to it:
KJV Journaling Bible from Amazon


Week 2 at a Glance



Questions Week 2


You’ll get 7 of these each week (30 in total)

 Bible Verses Days 8-11   |      Bible Verses Day 12-14



Click here to download a free copy



  • Carol

    Thank you so much for the study & these beautiful printables! I know these take a lot of time to make, and I really appreciate them.

  • Sharon

    Thank you so much for this study, the beautiful free printables, and the prayer journal. I love them! Where can I pick up the resources for Week 1? I missed the first week but am jumping in here in week 2. Are they on the blog, or can you direct me to them? Thank you, again, for inspiring us!

  • Sharon

    Hi Darlene, silly me! It’s me again! I found week 1 and got them printed. My prayer journal arrived and I love everything in this study! Thank you for all your time and effort to put this together for us! May God richly bless you as you inspire so many of us women!

  • Shannan Williams

    Hi Darlene I just wanted to say that this is one of the best studies already that I have done…and I have done a lot. I am really getting a lot out of it and it’s making me think of how to deal with those certain relatives during the holidays. Also it’s made me realize how important it is to get my children to realize Christ is the reason not just for the season but for every season…for everything. I love the verses you are having us read and of course I absolutely love the beautiful printables. I haven’t been able to afford the prayer journal but I found a journal at home and I am writing in it every day. I have always wanted to write in a journal but never knew how to start. Thanks to you I have begun. Just a big ol huge thank you to you.

  • Debby

    Hi Darlene, I love this study. I saw your Cyber Friday / Monday sale. It says the books are .99 cents, but when I click on the Amazon link, they say they are $2.99. Is there a different link? I would love to purchase all of them. Please let me know. Thanks so much.

  • Andrea Radey

    I am loving this study…I wish the prayer journal and the study guide would be combined…just a thought for next year. ; )

  • Christine Mayo

    Thank you for sharing your love and your heart , I have purchased the 30 day prayer guide and the new 6 month from Amazon …..Thank you for the free printables ! I have shared the information to my Facebook group for women called Facebook/ Pearls of Character

    May God bless you richly and abundantly for your unselfish love , time and commitment to Women everywhere.

    Christine Mayo

  • kim

    would like to have weeks 1, 3, and 4 of this study, have not been able to locate them on timewarpwife anywhere.

    • Darlene Schacht

      Kim, I’ll try to put a table of contents together on Monday for this. In the meantime, if you look in the sidebar, you can access the posts for the month of November and December of 2015 (bottom of sidebar). They weren’t labelled well because it was my first study and I was learning. But I’ll try to label them better later today.