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A Virtuous Life – FREE 4-Week Bible Study

April 8, 2016 by Darlene Schacht


Note: If all of the information on this page is too much to process. Go straight to the free study guide below where you’ll find everything you need in the introduction.

** This study is over, however you can still access all of the resources below as well as the weekly resources available through the table of contents. So you don’t miss a thing! **


Table of Contents:

Intro and FREE Study Guide
Week 1 – Part 1
Week 1 – Part 2
Week 2 – Part 1
Week 2 – Part 2
Week 3 – Part 1
Week 3 – Part 2
Week 4 – Part 1
Week 4 – Part 2 (Conclusion)


Before I get into this, I have to say that I absolutely love this Bible study! I really enjoyed the love study, but this one is shaping up to be even better. There’s so much I’m gleaning as I dig into the scripture. I’m feeling refreshed already, and I just started.

If you have a group of friends that might be interested in this study, maybe you can call them up and get together once or twice/week. The study guide is free and I’ll provide more printable resources each week! It’s also a great study to do with your husband. The interior of the study guide isn’t too girly, and the content is awesome!



“A Virtuous Life” is a 4-week study that takes you through the 4 cardinal virtues upheld by the Christian faith. The word “cardinal” in this context has nothing to do with the “Cardinals” of the Roman church, but rather it refers to important principles by which we live.

The root of this word [cardinal] is the noun cardo, meaning “hinge.” Since a hinge is the device on which a door turns, the noun cardo also came to be used for “something on which a development turns or depends,” or in other words, “something very important.” Following this, the adjective took on the meaning “very important, chief, principal.”
– (Merriam Webster)

These are the four cardinal virtues covered in this study:

  • Prudence – to be alert, cautious, wise
  • Temperance – self control, self-restraint, moderation
  • Justice – fair, righteous, honesty, integrity
  • Fortitude – strength, courage, endurance, grit

As you go through this study, you’ll examine each virtue individually. You’ll look at stories in the Bible to see where they exercised virtue and how you can apply it to your life.



THE STUDY GUIDE – FREE Printable Below

In the guide (find link below), you’ll find that I have selected scripture to read on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.

On the alternate days we’ll be digging deeper into the Word.

You’ll find a section at the front of the book called “How to Use This Study,” it will guide you through the dig, with steps to help you along.

PRAYER JOURNAL – Optional – Available at  (affiliate link)

You don’t need to pick up a copy of my prayer journal to do this study with us. It’s an optional addition to this study. You can use any journal you have. In fact you could use a simple piece of paper. What I encourage you to do is to use your journal to journalize daily prayers, and to give thanks for a few things each day. It’s a nice keepsake to hang on to.

If you are ordering the prayer journal, don’t wait too long as it takes about a week for shipping. AND it’s on sale right now for only $8.09! 


You can find links to all of the blog posts for the A Virtuous Life Bible study above.


These are my favourite online Bible study tools!

Bible Gateway – Every version you can imagine is online
Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible
Looking for an easier commentary? Here’s the Concise Version
Other commentaries you might prefer
Interlinear Bible – I love this one!
Blue Letter Bible – Dig into the Hebrew and Greek
Bible Word Search



click the image to view and download, or click here


(an OPTIONAL addition to the study) 

Click here to peek inside on Amazon (affil link)


Peek inside 30-Day Prayer Journal Virtue Edition:


384 thoughts on “A Virtuous Life – FREE 4-Week Bible Study

  1. I am looking forward to this study. Don’t know if I’ll be able to purchase the journal and I so appreciate you providing the Bible Study via download. I need help in all the 4 areas!

  2. II am also looking forward to this study. Thank you for all your hard work to providing such wonderful and beautiful material for us all. I have one of your prayer and study journals that are very nice too! I like how you keep things simple and fun!!! Thank you for the down load, I can print it to the 70% size I like that fits in my journal/binder. God Bless all that you do Darlene!!!

  3. I am so excited to start your new Bible Study!!! I have really enjoyed the last one on Faith & Provision.

    This time I bought your prayer journal to go with the study. I really like the layout you did in the journal. t I would LOVE it so much better if it was available in spiral bound . It makes it so much easier for writing in. 🙂

    Can’t wait to start!!

    1. Melissa, you can take the journal to your nearest office supply store and they will spiral bind it for you. I often do this with Bible studies books that are hard to write in. Only costs a few dollars to get it spiral bound.

  4. Thank You Darlene for offering this Bible study. And, for offering it for free is amazing! God Bless You Darlene!

  5. Do you have a picture of the inside? Is it the same as your 6 month journal? On amazon I coukd only see the front amazon nd back cover. Just wondering if it’s the same birds amazon nd d everything? Thanks

    1. The 30-day journals have a prayer page and a Bible notes page. Also they have a coloring image each day. I pasted a sample at the bottom of this post. I hope you can see it.

  6. Hello!! I am trying to join you in your new bible study, but I can’t find a link to do so… Can you guide me to where I need to do so or can you add me?

    Thank you so much will be ordering your journal as well!!

  7. I am excited about the up coming Bible Study, thank you for putting this out there for us. I received my quieting your heart 30- day prayer journal yesterday and I have a question, for the ” Today’s Prayer” section, will that prayer be one you will provide to us each day? I know silly question, I am looking forward to starting this study from day one.

  8. Looking forward to this study. This will be my first study of yours! I purchased your prayer journal and am really enjoying that. Thanks for offering the download!!

  9. So excited! Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts and talents with us, but mostly your heart and love of the Lord. Bless you dear one.

    1. It’s really easy. Basically, you study at home (download the free study guide), and you’ll receive my emails twice a week (I just subscribed you to the mailing list). I’ll provide some printables every Monday during the study. On Fridays I’ll have a recap to encourage you. Also if you like, you can visit my facebook page on Mon, Wed, and Friday. I’ll be sharing my journal entries and opening up a discussion. Hope you got all that.

  10. I’ve been reading so much about you on Facebook. I continue to keep reading because I’m so intrigued!! I would love for you to add me to be s part of this study please. Thank you. May God bless you for what you’re doing in HIS Kingdom

  11. Darlene, I absolutely love the new study guide on “A Virtuous Life.” I have printed it out and put it in a 3-ring binder so I can add all the extras that you will be posting as well as notebook paper for extra journaling. I received my prayer journal that goes with it in the mail last week and it is absolutely adorable. Looking forward to diving into the four virtues, “Prudence, Temperance, Justice and Fortitude.” I will be using my favorite online study tool, So excited to join y’all in this study.

  12. My friend and I want to do this study together. Would it still work for us if we’re about a week behind?

    Also, office supply stores like Kinkos and Office Depot will cut and spiral bind books for practically nothing. I’ve done it for cookbooks 😉

    1. Great idea to spiral bind them! If you are a week behind, I would suggest starting on week to so you can join in the discussions on facebook, and going back to week one at the end. Either way works fine.

  13. Ok funny question and I think I know my answer. I have the 30 day prayer journal with the lady on the front drinking coffee. I know that will work for the bible study right.Thanks Jan. Looking forward to this study.

    1. Yes. It is almost identical. The difference will be the Bible verses, which I supply weekly here on Mondays. And the coloring pages are different. But it’s a perfect fit. 😀

  14. I wish you would offer the bible study pages from the book as printables at a cost of course. I’m unable to purchase the book because the money I allot has to go for all homeschool. Will you please consider this option?

  15. I want to join the Bible study but I couldn’t find the mailbox. Could you subscribe me? And what are the dates? I saw two different things. Thank you! I’m very excited about this and I ordered the prayer journal from Amazon.

      1. I received my jounals and i cant wait to start the study. I didn’t see the side bar but I did see a spot toward the top of this blog were you could add your email. Is it for the same study?

  16. I’m trying to join the study but I can’t find the sidebar on the left. Could you please add me? Thank You.

  17. I wanted to thank you also for the free bible study! I can not afford to buy extra things at this moment, but need all the bible study I can get! I am new at this and I struggle with mental health and it has affected my family, I am praying, learning the Bible will help, Lord knows medications and Doctors have failed! LOL! Would love to be a virtuous woman!

  18. Hi Darlene! I would like to join your Bible study but I cannot find the blue mailbox to the left on the sidebar. This Bible study looks wonderful! Are there other older Bible studies available on your blog site? Please resend your link to me. Thanks so much. Blessings, Dahnean

  19. This looks great. With my job I travel a lot and can’t attend studies at church. I have been searching and this will work. Thanks!

  20. I’m excited to join this Bible study! Is the information available in book form as well? I plan on ordering the journal today. God bless!

  21. I am so excited about this. I just ordered the prayer journal. My husband is going to do it with me… So glad my friend shared your page to me on facebook. Thank you for all you do.

  22. I would love to join this study but can not find how to register? Can you please point me in the right direction? Thank you.

    1. We don’t have registration. Joining is really easy. Basically, you study at home (download the free study guide) and come back here for encouragement. That’s the least you need to know. 😉 Come to my blog on Mondays and Fridays (or subscribe). I’ll provide some printables every Monday during the study. On Fridays I’ll have a recap to encourage you. Also if you like, you can visit my facebook page on Mon, Wed, and Friday. I’ll be sharing my journal entries and opening up a discussion. Hope you got all that.

    1. Nope. It’s really easy. Basically, you study at home, and come back here for encouragement. That’s the least you need to know. 😉 Come to my blog on Mondays and Fridays (or subscribe). I’ll provide some printables every Monday during the study. On Fridays I’ll have a recap to encourage you. Also if you like, you can visit my facebook page on Mon, Wed, and Friday. I’ll be sharing my journal entries and opening up a discussion. Hope you got all that.

  23. I’m not a new believer,but I am looking forward to this study. I hope to get to understand my bible a lot more than what I do now. I signed up for the news letter from you.

  24. I’d like to join the study group but don’t know how. Could u guide me? This will be my first ever so I hope I can do it! I’m excited about it. I just lost my son at age 29 to a four wheeler accident almost 2 years ago and I need strength. I’m hoping this helps. Thank you so much!

    1. Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry. I hope to do one on Joy in the future that you might like also. I can’t even begin to imagine your pain.

      About the study… It’s really easy. Basically, you study at home, and come back here for encouragement. That’s the least you need to know. 😉 Come to my blog on Mondays and Fridays (or subscribe). I’ll provide some printables every Monday during the study. On Fridays I’ll have a recap to encourage you. Also if you like, you can visit my facebook page on Mon, Wed, and Friday. I’ll be sharing my journal entries and opening up a discussion. Hope you got all that.

  25. I have never completed a bible study online before so I am quite excited about this. I would like to be added to gain the extras that you send out.

  26. Is this Bible study for all women or married women? I saw you said it would be good with spouse, and I wanted to get a little group together at school to do this and some of the women are not married?! Could you please subscribe me? Thanks so much

  27. Can you please add me for your bible study. I cannot get an email to work for some reason. This will be my first bible study with you and I am really looking forward to it.

    Thank you.

  28. Hello, I found you by accident and am glad I did. I am very new to this and think I would like to try your bible study this month. I have to be honest and say I don’t know how this works (doing a bible study online). I just recently ordered and received the 6 month prayer journal, can I use that for this study? Although I do like the virtual one. Can I do this bible study by myself? I wouldn’t have anyone this time to do it with me. Thank You!

    1. Yes, you can use that for the study. It’s really easy. Basically, you study at home, and come back here for encouragement. That’s the least you need to know. 😉 Come to my blog on Mondays and Fridays (or subscribe). I’ll provide some printables every Monday during the study. On Fridays I’ll have a recap to encourage you. Also if you like, you can visit my facebook page on Mon, Wed, and Friday. I’ll be sharing my journal entries and opening up a discussion. Hope you got all that. And I’m so glad you found us!!

  29. I loved every minute sharing it’s my husband each morning with the Faith study. We had such nice discussions! As a Bible Study teacher to a group of women, this gave me something other than my own study time with my spouse. You are a great inspiration to me!

  30. I would like to join. I have just ordered a couple of our books from Amazon. I ordered enough for our ladies group at church.

  31. So, if I subscribed to your “Ultimate email for wives” list form on the right, will I get the Bible study emails? Or do I have to join a different list?
    Looking forward to the study.

    1. That is the right one. It’s a sign up for my blog posts. All of my Bible studies and posts will be sent. So if you don’t want to continue receiving them after the study, you can unsubscribe at any time.

  32. Please Add me . I have tried a few times and can not get it to work . I have done your Quieting your heart bible study , Love and Faith and provision.. I am so looking forward to this one too .

  33. Hi Darlene, I am doing your Bible study and a friend that isn’t married is interested in this one starting in a few days. Is it just for married woman or is it for anyone? Thanks!

  34. I am looking forward to starting this study & seeing what God has in store for me here. I have not really buckled down and got into reading the bible since I was a teenager and now is the time where I am starting. Its time for me to turn over a new leaf and make some changes in my life and this is one of them.

  35. I’d like to sign up please. Like many others, I also cannot acces the blue sign up box,
    Thanks 🙂

  36. I would love to join the study! I haven’t done one in a few months and really miss this. Thank you so much for including me if you have room!

  37. Please add me, I would like to join, not sure where to do the sign up. I just scanned through all the replies and saw different references; other than the prayer journal and pdf study guide are there any books, printable documents needed to follow along through this 4 week Bible study? Just curious. Thanks!

  38. Good morning! Does the study start today or on Monday (I’ve seen both dates 13th and 18th). Could you add me to the group to receive the Monday updates? Thank you!

  39. This is EXACTLY what I needed to see today! I ordered your 6 month journal a few weeks ago, but haven’t been able to get started with anything. As a crazy busy working mom of 4 children, it helps tremendously to have a bible study all laid out for me! My life has been very loud lately, and I am looking forward to quieting my heart and examining these virtues. Thanks again!

  40. Hello Everyone!! I’m new to this Bible Study as well NEW TO ANY BIBLE STUDY REALLY:) I’m looking forward to this April 18th. I just wanted to know do I need to have anything b4 I start? What can I download?I would like to be added as well..

  41. Can you please add me too? I’m feeling so stale after winter- and ready for a great new study! I found the blue mailbox but I’m not sure what I signed up for! I am definitely interested in this study though… and kinda sad to see I just missed some good ones! Thanks! Bless you, girl!!

  42. Hi there — I sent an email but haven’t received a response. I wanted to sign up for this. Is there something else I need to do?

  43. I did the last bible study you had and loved it. I am an aftercare counsler at a Christian school and I was able to use your amazing coloring pages to share with the kids and the bible study I had just finished that week. The kids loved it and asked when I was going to do another one. Here it is. This time I have some of my sisters in Christ joining in and there just as excited. I ordered my journal’s , 3 different ones of yours and they get delivered TODAY! Super excited. May the Lord bless you and keep you for doing His work in touching so many lives.
    I’m going to try and get a picture of the kids with there coloring pictures from this new study to share with you.

  44. Darlene … Each time you add a new study I try and get it … Even though I cannot get them all the time thru amazon I glad that you share it here. I also LOVE LOVE the coloring pages each of those have a been a lot of fun … I am BAD because I have printed them but not yet colored any of them so I need 2 do that sometime and just take myself away from the web / facebook / and just spend time in the word and study … I might have to do that sometime soon … I need a recharge !!

    Thanks again !!

  45. Good morning, this will be my first bible study. I’m looking forward to learning how to dig deeper into the word. I’m same as others unable to find the blue box. Please add my email to the subscriber list.

    Greatly appreciated

  46. Excited about finally finding a resource that I can actually dig deep into my bible. Thank you for also keeping available all the past studies – I will be doing those also. I feel a little giddy about this site. lol. I am confused on the pictures though – those go into the journaling margins of the bible? or are they only coloring pages? Just a big thank you and God Bless you for doing this and making it available.

  47. I want to make sure I am subscribed to this blog. I can’t wait for the bible study. Thank you for doing this study.

  48. Dear Darlene, this is the first time i will do one of your bible studies, i reading the introduction of the guide and i am loving it, i belong to Spanish ministry and would like to know if you have this in Spanish? (i really hope so). Thank you.

  49. I have been getting your posts for a while now, do I need to resubscribe to get this or am I good? I haven’t seen any posts this week, wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing out on anything!

    THanks! Your blog has been a big encouragement to me over the last few years.

  50. This is my first bible study of yours but looking at your page and my excitement I know it won’t be the last 🙂

  51. Wow , you have been busy! Thank you for your ministry. Just finishing the faith and provision course (bit late) really enjoyed it and been challenged. Thanks, we do appreciate it.

    1. Oh no. I just looked into this and I see there’s an issue I’ve never had before. Something is blocking the email. It could be a firewall, mailchimp is blocked, or an ISP is blocking the firewall. I’m so sorry that I can’t do anything on my end. Argh.

  52. I am looking forward to doing this Bible study. My husband and I are doing it together. Thank you for putting this together!

  53. I can’t wait to start this study. I am trying to be a better christian mother and wife day by day!! I am going to make my own prayer journal. I hope that is ok.

  54. Hi. I’m going to try this again. Last time I didn’t make it through. Some things came up but this time, I’m good to go.

  55. I am so excited about this study! This is the first time I have done a study with you but I have followed you on FB for a while. I am really looking forward to it. God bless you!

  56. Super excited about “A Virtuous Life” Bible Study that is starting tomorrow. This will be my very first one that I have been able to follow from the beginning. I have purchased the book from Amazon & have printed out the study guide. Is there anything else that I need to do so that I can not only be a part of the study but interact with others doing the study as well?

  57. Hi! I just wanted to make sure that I am signed up! This is my first online Bible study and I am SO excited! I have been wanting something that will help me dig deeper into His word and help me draw closer to Him! I downloaded the faith study guide and have been doing it! AWESOME!!! I download this one and bought the prayer journal! I’m ready!!!! Thank you SO much for providing this!!!!

  58. Can you please add me to your blog? I am using my IPhone and would love to do this bible study with you!

    Thank you,

  59. Do I need to just subscribe to blog? I printed out the study guide. His will be my first bible study

  60. Help I have signed up 3x and have not got the email to confirm. I have ordered the books from amazon please email me how to participate. Thank you so much.

  61. I just received my 6 month prayer and bible study journal and am excited to get started. I have been on a healthy lifestyle journey and lost 50 pounds last year with diet and exercise. Unfortunately I somewhat neglected my spiritual healthy lifestyle journey trying to do the other…so now to put them both together and really feel great is my goal for 2016. I still have more weight to lose but definitely need a better balance with adding more study and prayer time, that is the key to what will help me succeed in that healthy lifestyle journey. Thank you so much for providing these tools and fellowship to help us grow closer to the Lord and help each other along the way! God Bless you and your family too! I am not sure how to get added in the study, but I just printed out the study guide and am blessed to be a part.

  62. Hello,

    I am trying to sign up but I dont really understand how to do so. I know the Virtues starts today and I printed the free guide but I dont know how to sign up for the extras. I do have your 6 month bible study journal, can I use it or is the Virtues specific to the study. Thank you and I am excited to get today’s lesson going.

  63. When I click on the link above Intro and FREE Study Guide it takes me to the Love Study from back in Feb. is that correct or am I doing something wrong?

  64. I have signed up but haven’t received any emails yet. So looking forward to this once I get home this evening.

  65. I signed up last and have not received a confirmation email. I did not receive the weekly email from you either. Can you please check? THANKS!!

  66. I love this Bible Study so far, and I love the Prayer Journal. I’m a print and put in a binder kind of person, so have you ever thought about having holes punched in the prayer journals when you send them to the publisher/printer? I mean, if it doesn’t raise the cost too much. It is too thick for me to punch, and it would be a great way to keep it all together in one place.

  67. I thought I was signed up to this study. I printed the study guide out and got the journal (very cute, fun, and just perfect btw), however, I don’t think I’m signed up. Help me please!!! I just love your stuff, your books and your daily marriage prayers and just about everything you do! You are such a motivator and inspiration for my walk with the Lord.

  68. I can’t find your updated blog for the new study. Can you advise? I have printed the free study guide, but don’t see the other materials like the coloring page and such. Thanks!

  69. I know I’m a day late but was hoping to join this Bible study. Not sure where to start. I’ve tried dowloading the Study guide above but it brings me to the Study guide for last month’s Bible study. Can you help? Thanks!

    This was just and awesome resource for digging deeper today. Thought I would share it.
    Thanks you for this study. I have already enjoyed it so much.
    Last night as I sat in my living room floor at the coffee table with my bible, color pencils, journal. My husband asked me what I was doing , which prompted me tell the story of Esther, (he hadn’t read it in years) so as I tell what I have learned and talk about the story, my 8 year old pops his head out of the bathroom (he had been bathing) and says I was listening to the whole story. My husband son and I sat in the living room and discussed Haman and his down Fall till bed time.

  71. I am trying to sign up but I dont really understand how to do so. I know the Virtues starts yesterday and I printed the free guide but I dont know how to sign up for the extras.

  72. HI Darlene,
    I am printing off this bible study (thank you!). I just printed the 39 page bible study but I don’t see the week at a glance and the questions….did I overlook it? Please help! Thank you!!

  73. I am so excited to join you for this study. Is there a link to sign up??? I have just put in my order at for your resources. Can’t wait to get them.

  74. I am blown away by all of the studies that you share with us for free!!! That is sooo incredibly awesome of you. Thank you so much for this! I have downloaded a couple of them and can’t wait to get started.

  75. Please add me
    I would live to join your bible study
    Looking forward in meeting you all and working with you all and growing in GODS word

  76. I have tried to sign up for the blog a few times, but am not getting them in my inbox. I am working on the study already, but would love to have the information you post as well. Please help.

  77. I am doing this study and not sure if I had signed up properly or not. I go to a friends to use internet as I am in the middle of a move, but am I not on the list? Thank You in advance!

  78. I submitted my email. Am I subscribed for the Virtuous Bible Study? Also I cannot find where I read your blog for Monday and Friday’s on your website. Help lol
    Thank you for this. Very excited!!!!

  79. I started this….really would have been helpful to start and read the “Whole” book of Esther not just jumping into a verse here and there….When your not familiar and have never done a bible study before nor know much about the Esther…glad I wasn’t the only either that is lost in it. I actually put it down and stopped because of it. My wise Grandmother said …” To fully understand you need to read the whole book to appreciate it!”
    Please remember the ones who are new and know very little about this stuff add a more insight to help us….?

    1. Riss, I’m sorry that you had trouble with this one. If you would like to get a full picture of the book of Esther, I have an in-depth study that we did about a year ago. It’s a free download that goes through the book, chapter by chapter. It’s one of my favorite Bible studies! The format is different than the type of study we’re doing here, but it sound like it’s more along the lines of what you are looking for.

  80. Missed the first half?
    I am going to print it out and work through the rest of it with you and then I’ll do the half I missed on my own. Thank you for doing these studies. When will the next one be?

  81. I am starting this on Tuesday with our MOPS mommas!!! I am so excited to take your lead and run with it <3 Thank you!!!!

  82. I absolutely loved this study! I am ready for the next study that you do after you have time with your family and the upcoming move. Thank you for all the leadership and great words that lead us to follow God’s word and dig deeper into the Bible to truly understanding the meaning of each verse and every word.

    I pray that God is with you during this busy time and you will have a blessed and easy move.

    Always with Him,
    April Hayes

  83. Hi I am so excited about finding your website. My friend from our prayer group WINGS gave me your Quieting your heart love edition 30-Day Prayer Journal!!! I enjoyed it a lot and would like to know how to go about ordering more. Printing is a problem for me my husbands doesn’t want me to use up all the ink.

    Please pray for my health issues.

    Thanks again for all your resources and living in Canada wow What’s that like? I’m from USA.

    Well thanks again and hopefully I’ll do an on-line bible study with you soon.

  84. Where can I order the books for the Learnin to Love, Faith and Provision and A Virtuous Life 4-Week Bible Study Guide. Unfortunately I missed these 3 studies as they were happening but I would love to do them on my own. I have ordered the Quieting Your Heart, Virtue Edition and the Quieting Your Heart 6 Month Bible Study Journal from Amazon. I have thoroughly enjoyed these two books and am wanting something that is more structured. Thank you for your time. Waiting for your response. Reece

  85. I’m starting the Virtuous Life with a group of women in a shelter in November. I’m having trouble locating the Blog info. I’ve subscribed to your emails but want to make sure I get all of the materials that go along with this study. Thank you so much!

  86. I downloaded the study and began today ? can you please add me to the list? Thank ypu for making this more fun and exciting ? The Word of God is amazing!

  87. I’m about a gazillion years late, but Mrs. Darlene, I’ve noticed several ladies say they couldn’t get the studies to download. I came from Pinterest and it wouldn’t work for me either. BUT, when I opened it in Chrome, and tapped the **image** for the studies, they downloaded. I’m sending Ann enroll to you as well.

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